Bottle releases!

Howdy friends,

We're releasing bottles from our brewery (red warehouse behind Propeller at 2015 Gottingen Street, accessible from the parking lot behind the building) on Sundays leading up 'til Christmas. We've released three beers so far: FOUR, SPORT & GOSH. The former two are now sold out.

The next bottle sale will be Sunday, December 9. We'll be selling our first blend, SAAZBIER, as well as the six remaining cases of GOSH, from noon 'til 4 pm.

Sunday, December 17 we'll be selling more SAAZBIER (and t-shirts), from 11 am - 3 pm at the brewery.

As always, we'll try to have our beers available for on-site consumption at our bar, Stillwell (1672 Barrington St). There's a little SPORT and GOSH there now (FOUR is sold out).

You can also find SPORT at Little Oak!