Update: New beers, buying our beer, festival

Hi all —


Working on labels now (with our man Paul Hammond of Yo/Ro Studio) for four upcoming fruit beers. To make these beers we chose mature / well-aged saison in barrels and foeders and added fruit directly to them for re-fermentation. Once the fruit beers reached total dryness and maturity we bottled them and they'll be ready sometime in the coming month or two. DISCO was made with a modest amount of raspberry & sweet cherry purée, and will be a very small, single-barrel release. DELUXE was made by adding over 210 lbs of over-ripe whole apricots (minus the pits) to two barrels of mature beer. PREACH was made with over 250 lbs of whole Annapolis Valley peaches added to two barrels of mature beer. GLOU is a beer re-fermented on 225 lbs of muscat grape skins grown at Blomidon Estates winery in the Annapolis Valley in two barrels of mature beer, a portion of which came from a long-term sour beer aged in our biggest foeder.

We also have a new blend and bottling of GOSH, our mosaic-dry-hopped sour ale, coming up. 


So far the only way to buy our beer reliably has been at Stillwell, Stillwell Beergarden for on-site consumption, or at our bottle releases at the brewery for retail. Coming soon, we're going to be doing a pilot online bottle sale, with beers shipped across Canada. Stay tuned for that, especially if you're not able to get to our releases. 


We're honoured to've been invited to pour our beers at Foudres Unis on August 11th in Frelighsburg, Quebec. Tickets are only available from Brasserie Dunham in person at the moment. The list of attending breweries is pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Update: Distro/next up

Hi all — FOUR, SPORT & GOSH are now completely sold out. SAAZBIER is available at Stillwell on Barrington Street for on-site consumption, and a limited quantity was allotted to Bishop's Cellar of which a couple cases remain today.

We've been bottling like mad this week, with tons of fruit beers from this summer finally making it into bottles for the long conditioning rest. Those will begin to see the light of day in the spring and we're very excited for that!

In the meantime, we have two new releases coming up: SOLO & DANG. SOLO is a single barrel of oak-fermented saison bottled completely unadorned and conditioned for seven months in the bottle. It has a low level of carbonation and is the very definition of subtlety—a simple expression of our house yeast cultures in one particular barrel at one particular time. DANG is a younger blend of hoppy saison that was heavily dry-hopped with Sterling and Saphir (maybe our two favourite hop varietals) and is bursting with herbaceous and floral hop character dovetailing wonderfully with the fermentation flavours from our house yeast. We're stoked. 

We have some remaining SAAZBIER that we'll release along with the SOLO & DANG bottles at up-coming bottle sale, TBA. 

Bottle releases!

Howdy friends,

We're releasing bottles from our brewery (red warehouse behind Propeller at 2015 Gottingen Street, accessible from the parking lot behind the building) on Sundays leading up 'til Christmas. We've released three beers so far: FOUR, SPORT & GOSH. The former two are now sold out.

The next bottle sale will be Sunday, December 9. We'll be selling our first blend, SAAZBIER, as well as the six remaining cases of GOSH, from noon 'til 4 pm.

Sunday, December 17 we'll be selling more SAAZBIER (and t-shirts), from 11 am - 3 pm at the brewery.

As always, we'll try to have our beers available for on-site consumption at our bar, Stillwell (1672 Barrington St). There's a little SPORT and GOSH there now (FOUR is sold out).

You can also find SPORT at Little Oak!